Isn’t starting something new wonderful?

Hey there! My name’s Jesse and I built, a platform for hosting websites using either your Dropbox or Google Drive account. I’ve been enjoying working on that product, and couldn’t resist the urge to start something new again, applying the lessons I’ve learned running a Software as a service that reduces the friction of getting things done.

That’s where cellmate comes in. In my day-to-day work, I’m often tasked with building out reports that need to be shared in a secure and suit-friendly way: read, GSuite. If it’s not in a google doc, it likely won’t be remembered. So I stopped worrying and learned to love the google doc, in particular, the google sheet.

I’ve written enough hand-rolled calls to the Google Sheets API for me to realize there had to be a better way. Something a little more developer-friendly, something I could reliably guess at instead of poring over endless pages of documentation that require illogical JSON structures for something as simple as adding a row to a spreadsheet.

Hasn’t that already been done before?

Imagine if Mr. Zuckerberg had admitted defeat in the face of those who had Tom in their “top 8”.

To be fair, a google sheet backed REST API has been attempted before by many before me. I’m not satisfied with their implementations and definitions of REST. Not to mention, I’ve got loads of ideas I want to add that I can hardly keep up with.

So here’s to starting out with something new. I’m personally looking forward to many more challenges, failures, and lessons learned along the way.